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Hello Day – A wellness brand that said ‘hello’ to new opportunities by outsourcing their fulfilment operations

This month, we are proud to feature wellness brand Hello Day and talk to them about the benefits of outsourcing their fulfilment and delivery services. 

Hello Day is a company that has been in business for over 5 years and has grown into a leader in the health and wellness industry. As they continue to grow, they have found that their business needs have changed, and so has the type of services they need from us. 

Founded in 2017, Hello Day was established as a natural wellbeing solution that can help its customers live life to the fullest throughout the changeable seasons of Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. Hello Day needed a partner to deliver an end-to-end solution for fulfilment, warehouse storage and packaging. They also required a partner who could handle customer queries and returns. It was important for Hello Day that their customers had the right product at the right time for a particular seasonal change. With every new partnership you forge, there will be change along the way and flexibility is key. The relationship between Hello Day and Diamond Logistics has continued to grow as our companies have developed new strategies together, tailored logistical solutions and created an open partnership that has allowed both parties to grow.  

Outsourcing to meet fulfilment and delivery needs 

Claire Kerleroux, Hello Day Operations & Logistics Manager, had this to say about outsourcing their fulfilment operations to Diamond Logistics,  

It has meant that we can concentrate on the most critical parts of our business, safe in the knowledge that our fulfilment is in good hands. This part of the business can’t be undervalued as it is an important part of the customer journey chain.

Hello Day are now looking for ways to expand their retail partnerships and save money on fulfilment costs so they can focus on growing their core business. Diamond is excited about working with them as they develop and evolve in their market. 

Claire has this piece of wisdom to share with up-and-coming entrepreneurs,    

Never lose your focus or determination but remember flexibly and adaptability are the keys to survival.

Thank you to Claire and the Hello Day team for taking the time to share their experiences with us. It was a pleasure to hear about your journey and learn more about the health and wellness industry. If you would like to know more about Hello Day and check out their beautiful products, please visit 

hello day

Hello Day – natural and seasonal food supplements

Sector: Health and wellness

Reach: National and international markets

Diamond services: End-to-end fulfilment, warehouse storage and packaging.

Why they chose Diamond:

  • Able to handle customer queries and returns
  • Quickly fulfil seasonal demands
  • Expanding services alongside their business growth
  • Flexible storage and fulfilment solutions

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