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Joining Diamond

Becoming a Network Partner

We help you grow

Retain your independence whilst scaling up your business, reducing your reliance on your existing client base. How? We have great buying rates with all the major carriers, and you will be able to harness the benefits of our powerful Despatchlab platform. This enables you to explore all these new income streams seamlessly through our one-stop logistics management technology.

You can build sustainable, repeat customers, centrally administered by Diamond. We remove much of the boring, but essential, finance functions, enabling you to focus on sales, operations and business growth.

We’ll help you launch, manage and operate a successful business, providing training, technology and your very own homepage.

We have a proven marketing and sales methodology, which has been a recipe for success for our current network partners.

How does it work?

This is NOT a franchise. It’s a partnership. Between you and your company and our services, technology and team. We help you to grow, you help us to grow. It’s all about Shared Success – one of our core values.

All of our network partners are owner managers – just like you. They own their own logistics businesses that they have worked hard to build. They don’t lose control. This opportunity secures their future with service diversification, innovation, and opportunity.

What do you get?

  • A launch team
  • Diamond knowledge-base
  • Help desk access
  • Training, workshops, mentors, 121 sessions
  • Technology
  • Mentor
  • Sales, marketing, administration, and operations support
  • Licence, exclusivity, branding

Listen, learn and apply - you'll be up and running in no time

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The Journey

10 steps to joining the Diamond Network

Making sure that everything is done properly from the start is the key to making this a success. It takes time to get you on board, but we can manage much of this for you – you just need plan ahead and allow for time when considering when you want to launch.

1. Initial 121 discussion

Tell us more about you and your reasons for wanting to join the network. Ask us a few questions and we’ll introduce you to a few Network Partners, subject to a successful chat.

2. Diamond HQ visit

Meet the team and see how it all works on-site at our HQ service centre. Subject to mutual agreement, you’ll then be invited to . . .

3. Submit a business plan

You’ll be given a template to create a business plan supporting how you’ll make your Diamond business grow, including a financial forecast. Subject to this being approved, you’ll receive a call from the management board, who will decide if applicants are suitable to pass to next stage.

4. Diamond offer

A formal offer to join Diamond subject to the business plan being approved will be made. From offer to launch it can take approximately 12 weeks before all parties are ready to launch.

5. Diamond checks

The final decision will be made within two weeks from your interview, subject to you passing our due diligence. This will include identification, DBS checks and evidence of working capital or accounts if you have an existing business etc.

6. Diamond legals

You will be issued with our Network Partner Agreement, which you should get checked over by a solicitor. Sign it, return it and we will start the launch plan.

7. Diamond training

Comprehensive training covers business basics, operations, pricing, sales, finance, admin and hands-on experience.

8. Diamond launch

You’ll be issued with your 'Business in a Box'. You’ll be expected to have signage, vehicles, premises, broadband and phone line in place.

9. Your first of everything

Your first clients, collections and carriers. Once you sign clients up they will start to use you very quickly. Before you know it you will establish your first collection run.

10. First invoice

Happy days! Once your first month is concluded then you’ll receive your reconciliation from Diamond HQ. Subject to first month revenues, you could be earning from month one.
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The essence of any great logistics business is proactive sales activity and great client-responsive operations. Join our ambitious, creative business that tailors delivery and fulfilment services to the needs of individuals and companies.

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