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TAKK – delivering change to the way the world shops for essential beauty products

This month, we chatted with the team at TAKK about how outsourcing their logistical management requirements enabled them to focus on growing their business and expanding their product range.

Established over two years ago, TAKK believe that the choices their customers make matter and that they should be able to make them in a way that feels simple, straightforward, and effortless. TAKK simplifies personal care, delivering products of the highest standard and consideration, freeing people of choice paralysis and making our choice matter. They know it can be overwhelming trying to decide what products are right for the customer, so they have taken the guesswork out of it.  

The main reason for TAKK’s decision to outsource their logistics operations was to take the burden away from their in-house team. They admit themselves that they are not experts in the industry, nor did they want to invest time and resources into trying to learn the processes. 

Pinar Akiskalioglu, TAKK Founder, had this to say,  

When we first met with Diamonds Logistics, we already knew that they were the right partner for us. They are a company that believes in the power of teamwork and collaboration, and we wanted to work with them because their team is just as excited about our products as we are. Once we had decided to join forces, it was easy for us to integrate their system into our website and provide our customers with a UK-wide logistics solution.

National and international business growth 

By outsourcing their eCommerce fulfilment operations to Diamond Logistics, TAKK have expanded their product portfolio from 13 to 18 and now deliver products to 50 UK based cities and 3 international markets. One of the main reasons for this expansion was down to Diamond Logistics’ ability to provide a fast and reliable delivery network, which helps TAKK keep their customers satisfied. TAKKs Diamond team are able to provide advice on how best to ship different types of products, due to their team’s knowledge on all aspects of packing and shipping. Diamond is also focused on providing excellent customer support and making sure they are available to answer any queries or questions that customers may have regarding deliveries or returns. 

Finally, Pinar had this bit of advice for new startups in the eCommerce industry,  

Know what your core business is, and do not try to do everything yourself. Collaborate. The new leadership is about building bridges.

Thank you to Pinar and the TAKK team for taking the time to share their experiences with us. The world of personal care products is a fascinating one, and we are grateful for the insight you’ve given us into it. If you would like to learn more about TAKK and their simplified products, visit

TAKK Bathroom Essentials

Sector: Health and beauty

Reach: National and international markets

Diamond services: eCommerce logistics management, storage and fulfilment

Why they chose Diamond:

  • Fast and reliable delivery network
  • Specialist fulfilment centres
  • Industry knowledge and connections
  • Excellent customer support

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